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Recruitment agency
for foreigners
We keep trying to provide good and
best-qualified services of job information
and opportunities to foreigners

Who we are
We build a bridge between overseas workers and
Korean companies by adopting fair employment practices.

Why use JobBridge?
Contrary to other job matching platform, we provides quick and easy way with
effecient for both foreigners and companies
  • Check applicant's immigration status by using foreign registration number
  • Provide customized job information
  • Easy and fast job posting with the help of agency
  • Verify data (Resume, TOPIK certificate)
  • Manage hiring procedure and visa expiration date

How to use the service
and procedures
  • Foreign Worker
  • Membership registration
  • Write resume
  • Search customized duties
  • Concluded standard labor contract
  • Start working
  • Employer
  • Company membership registration
  • Registration company information
  • Recruitment information registration
  • Job management
  • Managing applicants

HelloFriends | CEO TOM
Personal information manager : Junhyuck Kim

Address : B117-2, Hellofriends, Global Education Institute,
International Hall, Duksung Women’s University 381,
Uichon-ro, Dobong Gu,
Seoul, 01370, South Korea
Contact :
tel) 010-5250-3694

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