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What kind of job visas can students who are about to graduate from college get?


My Chinese girlfriend is about to graduate, and I have a question about her visa

I found out that there are about E-2/E-7/E-9 visas that my girlfriend can apply for, what should I do for each?

First of all, the E-9 visa is not applicable to you. In the case of the questioner, we can consider visas such as D10, E7, E2, and E8.

1. E7 Professional work

If your girlfriend wants to get a job as a graduate of a Korean international student (D-2), she can usually allowed to change to an E-7 (specific activity) professional visa.

If your girlfriend majored in the Department of Tourism and Convention at a Korean university, she can change to an E-7-1(quasi-professional) visa if she is employed as a Hotel Reception Officer or Tourism Interpretation Guide

2. E-2 Foreign language instruction

If she gets a job as a native Chinese language school or a native Chinese teacher, she can apply for a change to an E-2 (talk map) visa.

3. D-10 Job searching

If she finds it difficult to find a job right away, she can also apply to change her D-2 (study abroad) visa to a D-10 (job search) visa.

4. D-8 Investment

If she can invest 100 million won in Korea in her home country, she can get a D-8 (corporate investment) visa as a foreign investor if you start a business (one-person corporation).

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