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What should I do? I couldn't apply for a visa extension and the expiration date has passed.


I am a foreigner living in Korea with an F-4 visa. The expiration date of my visa was the beginning of this month, I forgot to extend it, so I'm past the expiration date now.

What kind of penalty will I get and how do I extend my visa again?

There are cases where foreigners stay in Korea and intentionally or without knowing it, exceeding the expiration date of their visa for residence.

 In this case, you will become an illegal immigrant in violation of the Immigration Control Act and face disadvantages such as the imposition of fines and entry regulations.

 If your stay expires after receiving a long-term visa such as F-4 (foreigner Korean), entering Korea for the first time, reporting your residence (or registering as a foreigner), you are currently an illegal immigrant.

 You can be fined 20 million won from three to five years of illegal stay.

If you are currently staying illegally in Korea:

You must take one of the following two methods.

a. After self-reporting, you must apply for an extension of the period of stay or reapply for a visa for the original visa, such as paying fines and F4 visas.

b. You can voluntarily report and leave the country within the implementation period of the special voluntary departure system in the future, and reapply for visas such as F4 in your home country.

In this case, fines may be exempted.

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