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D-9-1 Trading Visa Documents


D-9-1 Trading visa

    Trade (D-9-1) visas provide foreigners with extensive experience in staying in Korea 

    with residency status to engage in trade business

    One must get an OASIS program on one’s start-up visa

[Visa Issued Target]

    - Trade visas allow foreigners who meet the scoring requirements and do not have disqualification reasons to issue visas and change their residence status after screening, and long-term residents who have abundant experience in Korea, such as studying abroad (D-2) qualifications, to actively change their residence status in Korea.

    - It will be issued for the first time in a year and can be extended every year while conducting the business.

    - If you are a co-representative with a foreigner with the same qualification, only the total score divided by the number of foreigners is recognized.

    *Business registration must be registered as a "trade business" and a lease contract for an independent workplace is required.

    - (D-9, trade-specific transactions) Meet scores and requirements under the trade visa scoring system. 

    * In the case of those who have completed three or more stages of the social integration program, additional points are given. 

    - (D-9, International Trade Management) Company management in Korea by investing more than 100 million won as a person who acquired a master's degree or higher in Korea (expected).

[D-9-1 Documents]

    - Application form(attached)

    - Passport

    - ID photo

    - Degree certificate recommendation letter from central administrative agency

    - Verification document of the corresponding item of the scoring system (score)

    - Trade Professional Education OASIS 4+ Certificate

    - Business license

    - Trade Business Unique Numbering Certificate

    - Real Estate Lease Agreement

    - Office Lease Agreement

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