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D-8-4 Start-up Visa Documents


D-8-4 Start-up visa

    The start-up (D-8-4) visa is provided to those who want to start a technology business in Korea, 

    and you can apply for permanent residency depending on the amount of investment after the start-up

    For start-up visas, not only foreign students but also companies must meet the requirements

[Visa Issued Target]

    - Technology start-up visas are issued to foreign start-ups who wish to start a business in Korea based on excellent technology, and their residence status is changed and extended through screening for foreign start-ups who meet the requirements and scores of 80 or more oasis points

    - It will be issued for the first time in a year and can be extended every year while conducting the business

    - As a person recommended by the head of a central administrative agency, or as a person who has obtained a domestic professional bachelor's degree or higher, meets the requirements as a participant in the K-startup Grand Challenge

    * In the case of those who have completed three or more stages of the social integration program, additional points are given

    - A person who has been staying in Korea for more than three years as a technology start-up (D-8) can attract more than 300 million won in investment and apply for F-5 permanent residency when hiring two or more people

    * In the case of technology start-up investors, basic literacy requirements (social integration programs, etc.) are exempted

[D-8-4 Documents]

    - Application form(attached)

    - Passport

    - ID photo

    - Degree certificate 

    - Recommendations from central administrative agencies

    - Verification document of the corresponding item of the point system

    - Confirmation of residence(attached)

    - Office Lease Agreement

    - Intellectual Property Rights Certification Document

    - Confirmation document of residence fee

    For the consultation service apply here.


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