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F-2-R Visa Documents


F-2-R Excellent local talent visa

    The Regional Excellent Talent (F-2-R) visa is a new pilot visa

    This visa is recommended if you can live in a province other than Seoul or the metropolitan area

    Currently, it is a pilot project, and the region and requirements may change afterward

    Check the employment type by region

[Visa Issued Target]

    - Due to the manpower shortage in rural areas, it is a system that grants new residency status to certain areas among foreigners living in Korea, and it is being piloted based on local governments.

    - Those who have obtained degrees or are expected to graduate from a domestic professional degree or higher

    *Proof that graduation is scheduled within 6 months of the application date is required (submission of documents in the name of a trusted person, such as the president of the university, the head of the department, etc.)

    *Actual residence in local governments subject to regional specialized visa issuance as of the date of application

    *Promises to continue to live in designated population reduction areas for more than 5 years (separate form)

    *The first two years of the permit date must actually reside in the area (basic local government) listed in the local government recommendation, and after two years, the residence can be relocated to another population-reduced area within the same metropolitan government 

    - Basic specification (at least one of the two requirements)

    *Completed three or more stages of social integration programs

    * Acquires Level 3 or higher of the Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK)

    *Individual requirements Additional requirements for each local government (requires separate confirmation through local   governments)

[F-2-R Documents]

    - Application form(attached)

    - Passport

    - ID photo

    - A written commitment

    - Proof of residence(attached- Confirmation of Residence Accommodation 

    - Local government recommendation letter, school principal recommendation letter 

    - Basic specification proof document

    - Certificate of Education

    - Employment certificate 

    - Certificate of criminal background

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