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F-2-7visa documents


F-2-7 residence visa 

 Immigration is difficult for a resident (F-2-7) visa

Completely prepare documents related to meeting requirements

Please check the details of the disqualification as well as the requirements

[Visa Issued Targets]

  - The period of stay is one to five years based on the combined score and annual income score

  It is one of the listed corporations, promising industrial workers, professionals, international students, and potential talented people, and meets the requirements of the scoring system. 

  * Points are differentiated according to the level of completion of the social integration program

  - A person who has stayed in Korea for more than five years as a resident of E-1 to E-7 and meets all requirements such as the requirements for conduct and ability to maintain a living. 

  *To meet the basic requirements, complete at least four stages of the social integration program or obtain 81 points or more in advance evaluation

  - You have an F-2-7 visa, and after 3 years you will be eligible to apply for an F-5 (permanent) visa

  - One doesn't have to work for a specific company

  *After appearing on the show, a visa that is irrelevant to the appearance fee, a visa that is irrelevant to the private lesson, and a visa that is irrelevant to the tutoring fee, can be operated directly

[F-2-7 Visa Documents]

 - Application form(attached)

 - ID photo

 - A copy of your passport

 - A copy of your ID

 - Employment contract

 - Degree certificate, career certificate, qualification certificate

 - A letter of recommendation

 - Scorecard (indicate your own score)

 - Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation(attached)

   Evidence documents by point

 - Confirmation document of reasons for disqualification

 - Employment report for foreigners

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