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F-5 Permanent Residence Visa Documents


F-5 Permanent Residence visa 

  A permanent (F-5) visa can be obtained in a variety of ways

If highly educated & professional personnel live in Korea for more than 

a certain period of time, they are eligible to apply

If you are a foreigner preparing for permanent residency, consider master’s or PhD

[Visa Issued Target]

-  (F-5, General Permanent) D-7 to D-10, E-1 to E-7 stay or F-2 stay in Korea for more than 5 years 

-(F-5, Ph.D. in high-tech fields) After obtaining a Ph.D. in high-tech fields abroad, he continued to work in the form of full-time regular work in a domestic company for more than a year in degree-related fields 

-(F-5, Master's degree and certificate holder) Stay in Korea for more than 3 years as a bachelor's degree or technical certificate holder in a specific field and work in the form of full-time regular work for more than 1 year 

-(F-5, Ph.D. in general field) After completing a full-time doctorate program at a domestic graduate school and obtaining a degree, he continues to work in the form of full-time regular work at a domestic company for more than one year

-(F-5, score-based permanent resident) Living in the score system (F-2) and staying in Korea for more than 3 years 

* For general permanent residents, holders of academic and master's degrees and certificates, and score-based permanent residents, basic qualification requirements are met when they complete five or more stages of social integration programs 

* For doctors in high-tech and general fields, basic literacy requirements (social integration programs, etc.) are exempted

[F-5 visa Documents]

- Application form

- ID photo

- A copy of your passport

-A copy of your ID

- Confirmation of residence

- Certificate of overseas criminal experience


- Documents related to annual income

- Basic specification requirements documentation

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