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E-7 visa documents


E-7 Professional working visa

E-7 Professional working visa

-  A specific activity (E-7) visa is a professional job and is required for 

employment in companies and public organizations. 

There are a total of 87 job codes for 4 types, so please review them individually

For E-7 visas, not only foreign students but also companies must meet the requirements

The maximum length of stay that can be granted at a time is three years.

* 5 years for excellent human resources recommended by the Ministry of Health, E-7 job workers in regional special development zones and high-tech medical complexes, and researchers at medical R&D institutions in free economic zones.

Four types, broken down into 87 occupational codes.

Having a master's degree or higher in a field related to the job, holding a bachelor's degree + 1 year or more of experience in the field, and 5 years or more of experience in the field. 

Minimum wage requirements (as of 2023) Professional personnel: Pay more than 80% of GNI per capita in the previous year (approximately 2,698,800 won/month) Special application of small, venture, and non-metropolitan areas: Pay more than 70% of GNI per capita in the previous year (approximately 2,361,450 won/month.)

 - Application form(attached)

- ID photo

- A copy of passport

- A copy of RC

- Employment contract

- Degree certificate, career certificate, qualification certificate

- Documents related to the establishment of a corporation (company)

- Employment necessity document (company)

- Certificate of tax payment (company)

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