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For D-10-1 visa requirement Confirmation Form


D-10-1 Job-Seeking Visa

Job-seeking (D-10-1) visa is seeking a job for getting professional works, 

or for the case of having internship(training, probation period) in the company

If you are unable to renew your employment contract before the expiration date of your stay in the E-7 capacity, or if you cannot find another job, you can change to D-10-1 status and find a job.

- The maximum length of stay that can be granted at a time can be extended by 6 months and up to 2 years.

- A person who holds a bachelor's degree or higher (including a national professional bachelor's degree).

- A person who intends to engage in training or job search in order to get a job in a specific activity (E-7) qualification.

 *E-7 Allowed occupations 87 codes to ensure that you have the right codes for the job you are preparing.

- Exempted from the scoring system for those who are good at Korean language from domestic universities.

* Those who have not passed three years after obtaining a professional bachelor's degree or higher from a domestic regular university, who have a valid report card of level 4 or higher, pass the mid-term evaluation of the social integration program, or assign the pre-evaluation stage 5 are exempted from the point system.

- Application form(attached)

- ID photo

- A copy of your passport

- A copy of your ID

- Job seeking plan(attached)

- Degree certificate

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