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About Type D visa in Korea


Type D

A person who is staying for educational, cultural, and investment-related activities.

D - 1 (ART & Culture)

A person engaged in cultural and artistic activities not intended for profit. 

2 years (Can be extended)

D - 2 (Studying abroad)

A person who receives formal education at an educational institution, etc. above a vocational university

2 years (Can be extended)

D - 3 (Technical training)

Overseas corporate production workers seeking training in domestic industries

2 years (Can be extended)

D - 4 (General training)

A person who receives training at a language school, private educational institution, etc. affiliated with a university.

2 years (Can be extended)

D - 5 (Press activity)

A person who presides in Korea and conducts reporting or press activities

2 years (Can be extended)

D - 6 (Religion)

A person who is dispatched from a religious organization, etc. in a foreign country to engage in religious activities

2 years (Can be extended)

D - 7 (Branch)

Mandatory personnel dispatched from foreign enterprises, etc. to domestic branches

3 years (Can be extended)

D - 8 (Corporate investment)

Essential professionals of foreign-invested enterprises under the Foreign Investment Promotion Act;

a venture company/technical entrepreneur

5 years (Can be extended)

D - 9 (Trade &  management)

A dispatched worker For the establishment and management of the company

2 years (Can be extended)

D - 10 (Job search)

Advanced technology in companies with job search, technology start-up preparations or requirements, a field intern

6 months (1 year for high-tech intern),(Can be extended)

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