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About F-4 visa



for aiming to someone who want to know about F-4 visa, here's the information and this information may help to one who is already have it or plan to have.

Applicable default 

- A person who has acquired foreign nationality as a private citizen (including a compatriot who moved abroad before the establishment of the Korean government) who holds the nationality of the Republic of Korea by birth;

- A person who has acquired foreign nationality as a direct descendant of a person who falls under the preceding category;

- A person who has acquired foreign nationality as a person whose parents or grandparents held the nationality of the Republic of Korea;

Limit scope of employment

- Simple labor practices

- Acts contrary to good customs and other social order, such as speculative acts;

- Where it is deemed necessary for the public to restrict employment to maintain profits or domestic employment order;


- holder of D-2 qualification

- Graduates of domestic and foreign two-year universities and scholarships invited by the government, graduates of my high school, and those aged 60 or older

- Representatives of corporate enterprises, holders of permanent residency in the OECD, etc.

- Those who have completed four or more stages of social integration programs (a person who has been registered as a foreigner for one year)

- Degree holders with a Bachelor of Science or above

- A person who has a license above the technician or higher

- Overseas Koreans over 60 years of age

- Those who have worked in the same workplace for more than two years, such as local manufacturing, etc.

- A person who has been employed for at least two years without change of employer after completing the infant helper training

- Holders of permanent residency in OECD countries

- A person who has stayed in Korea for at least 6 months in the qualification of D-1, D-5, D-9, and E-7

- Individual investors and companies with certain requirements

- Registered executives and management employees of corporate enterprises

-Past overseas compatriots

- University professors, middle and high school teachers, and elementary school teachers

- Representatives and deputy representatives of recognized ethnic groups or cultural and artistic organizations;

- Press executives, lawyers, journalists, doctors, accountants, university professors, advanced - technicians, artists

- Former incumbent lawmakers, civil servants who have served for more than five years, and employees of state-owned enterprises

- A person who has Korean nationality and has obtained foreign nationality

- A person who has acquired a foreign nationality as a person whose parents are general or one of their grandparents held nationality

Required documents

A person who holds the nationality of the Republic of Korea and has acquired a foreign nationality;

   1) a basic certificate of one's own (or a copy of one's removal)

* If you do not report the loss of nationality, you can apply with a receipt after receiving the loss of nationality.

2) Original and copy of the certificate of micro-civil rights (original is returned after checking)

* In the case of men, additional documents can be requested to prove that they are not subject to visa issuance restrictions in relation to the performance of military service.

A person who has acquired foreign nationality as a person whose parents or grandparents held the nationality of the Republic of Korea

1) Basic certificate of lineal ascendant (or copy of exclusion)

* If you do not report the loss of nationality, you can apply with a receipt after receiving the loss of nationality.

2) Documents proving that it is a direct lineal relationship (certificate of birth, etc.)

Proof of Korean Language Proficiency (one of the following documents)

① Pre-evaluation results of social integration programs Scorecard (21 points or higher) 사회 Education confirmation for social integration programs (certificate of completion of phase 1 or more) 

③ Level 1 or higher in the Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK)

④ Certificate of completion of beginner 1B course or higher at King Sejong Institute

Exempted from proving Korean proficiency

① a former Korean nationality holder of nationality in the past 

② a person over sixty years old 

③ Persons under 13 years of age (criminal minors) 

④ A person who has stayed in Korea for more than three years with a visa for overseas Koreans (F-visa, etc.

※ Subject to submission of Korean language proficiency verification documents

1)  In case of submission: Issuance of multiple visas for two years of stay (enter 'Submission of Korean Language Proficiency Verification Documents' in the visa column) 

2)  Failure to submit: Issuance of multiple visas within one year of stay

* Submission of documents confirming overseas criminal history (foreign Koreans aged 14 or older).

- (Criminal career certification document requirements) It is a public document issued by an authorized institution in the country within three months, including all criminal experiences in and outside the country.

- (In the case of the United States) FBI criminal record certificate affiliation and submission.

* The criminal record certificate is issued by the person himself or through a channel authorized by the FBI.

A criminal record certificate issued by the state government, etc. is also recognized when it includes criminal records across the United States.

 ※ Even those who have previously been issued an F4 visa and have been issued an residence certificate for more than six months must submit an FBI criminal record notarized by Apostille when applying for renewal of residence certificate and reissuance of F4 visa.

Residence report

Time to report residence (within 3 years of stay granted at a time)

- In principle, there is no restriction on the reporting period because reporting of domestic residence is not mandatory.

If you want to stay for more than 90 days, report your residence within 90 days from the date of entry.

-However, if a Korean-born foreigner does not report his/her residence in Korea, he/she must register as a foreigner in accordance with the provisions of Article 31 of the Immigration Control Act within 90 days from the date of entry.

- A person who has obtained permission to grant or change his/her status of residence (F-4) under the Immigration Control Act must report his/her residence when he/she obtains such permission.

2. How to report residence

- Prepare the following documents and apply to the immigration office under your jurisdiction.

(Can't apply by someone who behalf of)

Required documents

- Passport or foreign entry permit and passport copy (photo of personal information)

- 1 color photo (3.5 cm × 4.5 cm)

- Application fee

- Report of residence (application)

- Basic certificate of nationality loss closed (if closed after January 1, 2008)

- A copy of the removal marked with loss of nationality (if removed before January 1, 2008)

- Acceptance of nationality loss report (issued by overseas diplomatic missions), basic certificate, and family relationship certificate (Korean-Chinese without a basic certificate or a copy of expulsion certificate, birth certificate, passport, etc.)

- Copy of citizenship certificate

- Copies of overseas Koreans (F-4)visa

- proof of residence (housing contract etc.)

In case of changing its purpose of visa

Qualifications can be changed in Korea only if documents submitted by each subject are issued in Korea or can be confirmed by the immigration information system among the above three cases. 

- Graduates from domestic universities

- Domestic accredited qualification recipients

- Foreign registrants (including past registration)

- A person who wants to run a private business in Korea

- Employees of the Korean Residents' Residence Support Center and volunteers of the Korean Residents' Residence Support Center

- Domestic High School Graduates

- Domestic elementary/middle/high school students, etc.

F-4 visa extension

[Duration of stay]

-Three years of stay are given at a time. 

※ Provided, "Children of Koreans attending elementary, middle, and high schools in Korea (F-4-30) shall be granted within two years at the time of initial grant until the end of March or the end of September, and two years shall be granted for each extension of stay."

[Required documents]

- Application form

- Application fee

- Proof of residence (rental contract)

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