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About D-10-1 Job-seeking visa



for aiming to someone who want to know about D-10 visa, here's the information and this information may help to one who is already have it or plan to have.

D-10-1 visa's basic information

Scope of activity 

- It includes job search activities at domestic companies and organizations, as well as short-term internships that receive pre-employment training fees.

[Duration of stay] 6 months

- For high-tech interns (D-10-3), up to one year per time (but not exceeding the internship period specified in the contract)

Detailed information of D-10-1

[Conditions of issuing]

*Persons subject to the score system

- A person who holds a bachelor's degree or higher (a domestic professional degree) and has a total score of 60 or more with a basic item of 20 or more out of a total of 190 points on the job search score table. 

*Special exemption from the score system

  • A person with excellent Korean language skills from a domestic university) A person who has not passed three years after obtaining a bachelor's degree or higher from a regular university in Korea, 

1. TOPIK Level 4 or higher valid report card holders

2. Those who passed the 4th stage of the social integration program interim evaluation 

3. Assigned person for the 5th stage of preliminary evaluation.    

※General score system is applied to those who have exceeded 3 years from the date of obtaining the degree.

  • (Experienced professional worker) A person who has a status of residence from E-1 to E-7 whose work contract has expired or whose employment activities have been terminated for other justifiable reasons.

[Scope of activities]

- Areas where foreign students can work part-time (limited to manufacturing, construction, English kids cafes, etc.)

[Allowed time]

- Allow 20 hours per week (unlimited weekends) during stay

-However, those who have a TOPIK grade 5 or higher report card, those who have completed a social integration program, or who have achieved 60 or more points in the comprehensive evaluation and have excellent Korean skills are exceptionally allowed up to 30 hours per week (unlimited weekends).

[Required documents] 

- Common documents (application form, photo, passport copy, fee, ID copy, etc.)

- Job Search Plan

- Degree certificate

Graduates of domestic vocational colleges or higher: Certificate of academic background

World University of Excellence Graduates: Certificate of Education

- Evidence of work experience (Applicable person)

Career certificate including working period, place, occupation, etc. (certificate of employment)

- Evidence of domestic training activities (applicable)

A certificate issued by the head of a training institution specifying the research subject, research period, completion, etc.

- Korean Language Proficiency Proof Document (Applicable)

TOPIK (within validity) or KIIP proof of completion

- Employment recommendation letter (applicable)

Recommendation of the head of the relevant central administrative agency: Employment recommendation issued by the Ministry (delegated agency).

Recommendation of Director of Overseas Diplomatic missions: Internal recommendation documents for diplomatic missions

- High-income expert certification documents (Application mutatis mutandis) 

- Proof of stay expenses 

- proof of residence (rental contract)

- Other score system evaluation permitted data


-Score requirement: 20 or more basic items out of a total of 190 points, with a total score of 60 or more.

-Basic points: 20 or more out of 50 points maximum

1. Age: 20 points maximum


2. Educational background: 30 points maximum

ItemAssociate Degree(Korea)Bachelor's(foreign,Korea)Master's(foreign,Korea)PhD degree(foreign,Korea)

Points(Optional): 70 Points maximum

1. career experience within 10 years: 15 maximum

Above 5yr(Korea)
Above 7yr(foreign)

2. Study abroad in Korea(2 years above): 30 points maximum

ItemAssociate Degree
PhD degree
Within 3 years after graduation30303030
After 3years after graduation5101520

3. Other training program in Korea or educational experience (more than 1 year): Maximum of 5 points

Itemuniversity students(D-2-5)Exchange student(D-2-6)National and Public institutional training(D-4-2)Language training(D-4-1)Institutional training for excellent facilities(D-4-6)
A year~year and a half33333
Above year and 7 months555-5

4. Korean fluency: 20points maximum    

level2level3level4level5 or above

Additional Points

Additional points are given (overlapping one can be calculated): 70 points in total.

1. Recommendation of issuing a job visa to the heads of related central administrative agencies and overseas missions (up to 20 points)

2. Experienced in global companies: 20 points

- Those who have worked for Fortune 500 companies within 3 years for at least 1 year within the last 10 years as of the date of application

3. World University of Excellence Graduates: 20 points

- 200 foreign university graduates selected for Time within 3 years

- Foreign university graduates within 3 years of ranking 500th in QS world university ranking

4. Person with a bachelor's degree or higher in science and engineering: 5 points 

5. Experienced high-income professionals: 5 points

- Only when it is confirmed through evidence of income issued by the government of the relevant country for foreigners with an annual salary of $50,000 or more of the previous workplace.

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